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Welcome to S2 Co.,Ltd

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Hello, How are you doing? :)

It is so happy to write and share with you here, from now on we would like to share our business and other information very well.

We are S2 - marketing team in Korea, ( Head office )

Due to Covid - 19, we worry so much, but also we trust we can overcome with you!!

S2 Co.,Ltd has long business story as much as we has established since 1987.

30 Years ago, we were so interested in printing with ink & Art work on the paper.

The paper was just paper, but it has changed The Art for everyone.

How amazing, Surprising!

All products need their clothes, their fashion, so we determined we should have been a Fashion Designer for those people who need their package.

We got many inquires and we needed more space to produce mess production.

And then we established 2nd Factory in Qingdao, CHINA. and Vietnam.

Not only design but also making with our know-how

We have many buyers from various market. We have discussed and do make their perfect products, over and over again with happiness, it is always honor to work together.

You will know "S2 STORY" steady by this blog here, See you

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