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How to make my Package looks Special chapter 1

What kind of package make do you want?

Always, I am asking to my people, " what kind of package make do you want? "

The answer ; SPECIAL

Special is good word to show how my product is the best.

However, But they have many questions and no ideas to make

I would like to introduce ways how your package looks special as you wish

Today, First is Handle part

Yes, Yes, right. There are a lot of handle kinds such twisted, ribbon etc

But you should know HANDLE made in 100% paper

Especially, Knitted Paper Handle will be good gift for you

Slowly and steady many company start Eco -Friendly Business

Starbucks, IKEA, 8-seconds and all fashion, cafe, stores etc join the this event to protect Earth

We can think dark color paper bag or box if you imagine Eco-friendly package

But, I am very surprised due to their amazing design

So Clients can save Earth and buy your products with enjoyment

Knitted Paper Cord

Double Flat knitted Paper Ribbon

Braided Paper Twine Rope

Paper Braided Webbing

Fancy Braided Paper Twine Rope

These Handle's color can be mixed too, :)

100% paper eco -friendly handle will be usual part from your package

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