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Kraftpack - can trust, Economical, Eco-friendly but it is very strong

FDA, PEFC, SFI, ATFS certification and FSC Controlled Wood

We can trust!

Kraft is an FDA-certified product, and it is very good as a clean, lightweight packaging for transporting or storing food, beverages, personal care products, general packages, and business contents.

크라프트는 FDA인증 받은 제품으로 음식물, 음료, 개인생활 용품, 일반 패키지 그리고 사업 용도로 내용물을 운반하거나 보관할 때 청결하고 가벼운 포장지로 굉장히 좋습니다

Strong, But very Light

The Kraft paper has a double structure, and consists of long, strong, and coarse long pine fibers as a wire surface, so the density is low and the thickness is thick, while the weight is light, which significantly reduces the price and transportation cost compared to the basis weight, and the felt surface is a highly refined thin and short layer.Made of textiles, it has excellent print ability and appearance.

크라프트는 이중 구조를 갖고 있으며, 길고 강하며 거친 소나무 장섬유를 와이어면으로 구성하여 밀도느 낮고 두께는 두꺼운 반면 무게는 가벼워 평량대비 가격 및 운반비를 획기적으로 줄여 주며 펠트면은 고도로 정제된 가늘고 짧은 단섬유로 만들어 인쇄성과 외관이 뛰어납니다.

Logo Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Bag,

Nowadays, many clients wanted to make their own brand shopping bag with Kraft paper bag for showing Eco- Friendly :)


We S2 co.,ltd has manufactured All package with Kraft paper for Eco -friendly.

For your brand, For you aim, we always welcome to your inquiry, please contact to us

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